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  • Expanding Your Studio with Vienna Ensemble Pro TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE
    5 June 2020
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    Expanding Your Studio TUTORiAL

    SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 07 2019 | 397 MB

    …::: with Vienna Ensemble Pro :::…

    Detailed collection of Vienna Ensemble Pro video tutorials! See how to configure and use Vienna Ensemble Pro as a tool to expand your studio, when you start running out of resources on your main machine and or want more soundware options. This series is great for those new to using Vienna Ensemble Pro as a network machine and those who want to go deeper into VEPro. Gary starts off describing ways to utilize Vienna Ensemble Pro in your studio, then gives a play-through of the song that will be used as performance gauge throughout the videos. Next, you’ll learn all about Single and Multi Instrument Instances, mixing them and connecting to your DAW, plus important hardware considerations for setting VEPro between multiple computers on a network. Moving on, you’ll learn all about Slave Server Machine Network Configurations, ways to use the Remote Desktop Protocol with an External Machine, how to connect to a VEPro Server on a Slave Machine, using Multiple VEPro servers, setting up Multi-Output Instruments, the difference between Preserved and Coupled Instances, disabling Instruments & Instances via Automation, and much, much more!

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  • Getting Creative with Your DAW TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE
    5 June 2020
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    Getting Creative with Your DAW

    SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 07 2019 | 445 MB

    Cool “getting creative videos” when using your DAW! Learn all kinds of ways to make interesting new sounds and effects with any DAW. These creative DAW tutorials are perfect for those just starting out using any DAW, as well as for more intermediate DAW users. Gary welcomes you and then starts with a video on how to turn your drum beat into a bass part, which is a great production trick for getting a tight rhythm section groove. He then shows you how to use sequencers and arpeggiators to compose melody lines and beats that you may not ever have thought of. Re-pitching your audio is then shown and you’ll see how this is great for enhancing and alternating otherwise plain sounds, into ones with a lot of character. Moving on, you’ll see how to use MIDI chord effects & chord apps to help you come up with interesting new chord progressions, create stutter gated audio effects, use reverse effects for transitions, apply extreme time stretching to your audio for other worldly sounds, resampling audio through a sampler for more effect options, and create filtered telephone fx and robotic synth voices with pitch correction tools.

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  • Use Your Imagination Pack WAV
    24 May 2020
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    Use Your Imagination Pack WAV

    Use Your Imagination Pack

    HiDERA | 24.05.2020 | 266.94 MB

    Pristine vocals with a punch primed for pop, R&B, electronic, or avant-garde production. This pack features tons of adlibs, emotional phrases, hooks, shouts, and more. If you’re looking to add some power to your production, this one is for you.

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  • Feed Your Soul Japan WAV
    23 May 2020
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    Feed Your Soul Japan WAV

    FANTASTiC | 20 September 2019 | 129 MB

    This Pack features Samples of various Japanese Instruments performed by award winning Japanese Film Composer Takashi Watanabe. Instruments include Shakuhachi Flute, Dragon Flute, Shamisen, Percussion Bells and Hyousigi Wood Percussion.

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  • Make Your Own PC For Beginners: 2nd Edition 2020
    22 May 2020
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    Make Your Own PC For Beginners 2nd Edition 2020

    Make Your Own PC For Beginners

    English | 54 pages | PDF | 36.53 MB

    2nd Edition 2020

    Make Your Own PC – For Beginners is the first and only choice if you want to save money by building your own PC! Whether you have never seen the inside of a computer or you have some basic knowledge, this guide is the perfect way to increase your understanding and bolster your confidence in PC building. Helpfully broken up into three sections: Planning, Building and Software this book is all you need to build a brilliant first PC.

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  • Ableton Live 10: Create, Record and Edit Your Own Music TUTORiAL
    12 May 2020
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    Ableton Live 10: Create, Record and Edit Your Own Music TUTORiAL

    Create, Record & Edit Your Own Music

    P2P | 11 May 2020 | 6.6 GB

    Start Producing Your Own Music in Ableton Live 10

    This course is all about Ableton Live 10, which is a software for music sequencing and is a digital audio workstation for OS X and Windows. Ableton Live is used across professional studios, bedroom studios and also as a performance tool for live performance. Learning how to use your DAW correctly will dramatically improve the quality of your music and the speed you create it.

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  • Make Your Own PC – Tricks and Tips – No 2, 2020
    16 April 2020
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    Make Your Own PC - Tricks and Tips - No 2, 2020

    Make Your Own PC

    English | 82 pages | PDF | 52.16 MB

    Tricks and Tips – No 2, 2020

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  • Keyz WAV
    16 April 2020
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    Your Soul Keyz WAV

    Keyz WAV

    FANTASTiC | 15 April 2020 | 56 MB

    This is a collection of Accordion, Electric Piano, Organ and Bell Loops…

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