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  • Ethnic String Phrases KONTAKT
    27 October 2020
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    Ethnic String Phrases KONTAKT

    Ethnic String Phrases KONTAKT

    TALULA | 29.04.2020 | 2.32 GB


    Ethnic String Phrases continues our journey deep within the cultures of India and China. It is a toolbox for composers, invented to capture the exceptional magic of live performed instruments. Esraj & Erhu phrases embody the honest emotional expression being the core of music. Providing the enormous vitality of two traditional string instruments. An unbelievably sincere feeling, enabling it to enliven every musical setting. The outcome is a versatile and easy-to-use instrument with a huge variety of overwhelming string phrases.

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    • Soundpool Pop Rock: New World WAV
      27 October 2020

      Soundpool Pop Rock New World WAV

      Soundpool Pop Rock: New World

      P2P | 26 October 2020 | 1.01 GB

      Prepare to be inspired, reinvigorated and renewed for your next step into a brave new world with the pop-rock soundpool “New World” from magesy download MAGIX. Unrelentingly and unashamedly hopeful with a powerful lead guitar blended with rhythmic grand pianos, this one is designed to move you in both form and spirit. Taking inspiration from magesy download Mumford and Sons, Coleman Hell, and Twenty One Pilots, “New World” from magesy download MAGIX invites you to dispense with all forms of cynicism for three minutes and ten seconds, a brief but jiveyinterval during which you can imagine how your new world could someday come to be. Take a chance, tap your feet and raise a glass to inspiring vocals rising to a vigorous crescendo.

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