• Midnight Drive: Outrun Electro WAV MiDi
    April 4th, 2021

    Midnight Drive: Outrun Electro WAV MiDi

    Midnight Drive: Outrun Electro

    Team FLARE | 05 October 2020 | 297 MB

    Thematic assortment of loops and one-shots influenced by Retrowave, 80’s Synthpop and campy action flicks. Featuring a detailed assortment of analog arpeggios, bright polysynth keys, heavy drums, and distorted guitars. Midnight Drive: Outrun Electro was built from the ground up to deliver action-packed samples catered towards the 1980s aficionados.

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    • 1980s Synth Pop WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER
      February 24th, 2021

      1980s Synth Pop WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER

      1980s Synth Pop

      DiSCOVER | 25/August/2020 | 487 MB

      10 more radical 80s SynthPop construction kits featuing drum, bass, chord, and melody loops plus MIDI files. Besides retro these are useful for many other sorts of musical genres as harmonies never get old. Everything is held in E-minor so that your extensions can consist of different elements from different kits, if you like to. On top you can exchange all sounds to your likings via the given MIDI files – again, if you wish to. As always all kits are royalty free so can do whatever you want with them.

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      • SynthPop Diva For U-HE DiVA-DiSCOVER
        February 22nd, 2021
        Categories: H2P, Presets

        SynthPop Diva For U-HE DiVA-DiSCOVER

        SynthPop Diva For U-HE DiVA

        DiSCOVER | 25/August/2020 | 20.1 MB

        102 superb DIVA presets from the 1980s era for your Synthpop or Nu Disco creations. Inside you´ll find arpeggios, bass, brass, lead, pad and fx sounds to produce nostalgic or modern harmonies with ease. These also work within the Native Kontrol Standard system of Natve Instruments which means you can control each preset with KK keyboards/software, Maschine and third-party controllers (Including audio previews).

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        • Retrowave V1 for SYNTHMASTER ONE
          February 18th, 2021

          Retrowave V1 for SYNTHMASTER ONE

          Retrowave V1 SYNTHMASTER ONE

          P2P | 21 August 2020 | 64 MB

          FL Studio Template / Presets

          The soundset are briliantly complete any Retro styles from Synthwave, Synthpop to a Cyberpunk. But in our days it’s just absolutely essential product as the trend towards warm retro sound only grows. Of course, the main difference from the official release of this Expansion from KV331 is the presence of a full-fledged FL Studio 20 Template, as well as a full set of samples used in it. Now you can easily do incredible retro music with just one Synthmaster One.

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          • Retro City For DiVA-FANTASTiC
            February 8th, 2021
            Categories: DiVA, H2P, Presets

            Retro City For DiVA-FANTASTiC

            Retro City For DiVA

            FANTASTiC | 08 February 2021 | 273.11 KB

            Retro City is a retro-futuristic flashback into the beating heart of the 1980’s from the night drives with your favorite mix-tape on loop to the magenta neon lights in L.A. The blue video arcades of suburbia and the palmy pink beaches of Miami. Even that long-ago summer night when you first fell in love. It’s all here. If you long for a past that was always looking towards a future that never came,​​ this new soundset​ will electrify your productions. Retro City is like a throwback movie montage for your music, containing 85 synthwave style presets for U-He Diva featuring 64 presets. The soundset is packed with nostalgia, synthesized with modern beauty and delivered with 80’s love. Warm analog pads, classic basslines, energetic keys, crystalline synth leads and nostalgic arpeggios.

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            • Platinum Synthwave SPiRE
              January 17th, 2021
              Categories: Presets, REASON, ReSpire, SBF, SPF, SPiRE

              Platinum Synthwave SPiRE

              Platinum Synthwave SPiRE

              Quakeaudio | 17 January 2021 | 3.58 MB

              128 high quality presets ready to use in your next Platinum Synthwave hits. Presets include futuristic arps, warm poly synths, lush pads, deep basses, powerful leads, and a lot of analog-style goodness. Perfect for all genres of Retrowave electronic music including Synthwave, Synthpop and Darksynth.

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              • Retro Chillwave WAV
                August 7th, 2020
                Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                Retro Chillwave WAV

                JKST | 08.02.2020 | 926 MB

                ’Retro Chillwave’ ready to evoke spirit of the 80’s sounds! This revolutionary sample pack comes with all the necessary elements that can inspire you over and over again. Featuring truly amazing retro sounds combined with Chillwave aesthetics. From 80’s power beats to synth drum fills, driving retro-synth basses to lush pads, vintage lead melodies to interstellar arpeggios, galactic synths to power chords, lo-fi FXs to atmospheric melodies and more.. In detail expect to find 1.43 GB of raw content including 626 Loops & Samples range from 90 to 110BPM + 4 key labelled inspiration kit (includes 33 stems) to get the creative juices flowing. Loops folder contains 31 Arps & Plucks, 39 Basses, 33 Chords, 231 Drums, 17 Leads and 18 Pads. Oneshots folder contains; 82 Synths, 50 Basses and 125 Drum Hits includes 40 Hihats, 30 Kicks, 8 Percussions and 47 Snares & Claps to create your own sequenced beats from the ground up. All sounds organized into folders for easy access and can be used in your productions, also all loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility.

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                • Indie Pop for SPiRE
                  July 6th, 2020
                  Categories: Presets, SPF, SPiRE


                  Indie Pop for SPiRE

                  JKST | 07.01.2020 | 40 KB

                  Indie Pop brings 60 spire patches all expertly programmed synth pop fused with modern ambient sounds: nostalgic lush synth pads, indie-kissed fat basses, oozing leads and bunch of soulful hazy keys and plucks. The sounds are for Synth-pop, Chillwave, Chillout, Future POP, Retrowave, Indie pop and Pop genres. And of course you can use them in any other genres to add more synthy chill textures to your music.

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                  • SynthWave Vs SynthPop WAV MiDi SPiRE-DiSCOVER
                    June 16th, 2018


                    SynthWave Vs SynthPop

                    DiSCOVER | April/24th/2017 | 220 MB

                    WAV / MiDi / SPiRE

                    ‘Synthwave Vs Synthpop’ brings nostalgia back to the present featuring 10 Construction Kits in WAV, MIDI and Spire formats. If you’re into those nostalgic moments in time and a big fan of the Synthwave and Synth Pop era, then this pack is for you. Featuring drums, percussion, bass & leads, MIDI files and Spire presets for your ultimate producing experience, everything is here to create your next Synthwave or Synth Pop track.

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                    • Retro Synthwave For SPiRE-DiSCOVER
                      April 26th, 2018
                      Categories: Presets, SPiRE


                      Retro Synthwave For SPiRE

                      DiSCOVER | April/26Th/2018 | 12.8 MB

                      “RETRO SYNTHWAVE”. It is a completely new look at the sound of the 70s and 80s. We have created a truly revolutionary package that can inspire you over and over again, because by adding each preset, we tried to get as close to the legendary retro sound as possible, but at the same time to keep the relevance of today’s sound. “RETRO SYNTHWAVE” will especially please the producers who like the characteristic sound of analog basses, leads, plucks and pads. Also we have created for you inspiring arpeggios, percussion and effects, which can be a great addition for you in creating your future synthwave music.

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