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Magesy® R-Evolution™

  • Dynamic Spectrum Mapper v1.3.3 AU VST RTAS OSX iNTEL-XVX
    19 May 2020
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    Dynamic Spectrum Mapper v1.3.3 AU VST RTAS OSX iNTEL-XVX

    Dynamic Spectrum Mapper v1.3.3 MAC

    TEAM XVX | 07/07/2010 | 21 MB

    At the heart of the DSM lies an easy-to-use single-button “Capture” system. This unique feature uses groundbreaking adaptive techniques to capture both the frequency-domain and dynamic characteristics of audio program, and uses this as the basis for a highly developed large scale multi-band compression process. The DSM also includes a single-button Limiter function which has been optimised specifically to work with the compression stage.

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  • Apple Logic Pro X v10.5.0 macOS-TNT
    13 May 2020
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    Apple Logic Pro X v10.5.0 macOS-TNT

    Apple Logic Pro X v10.5.0 macOS

    Team: TNT | 13 May 2020 | 997 MB

    Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic ever. Sophisticated tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing are built around a modern interface that’s designed to get creative results quickly and also deliver more power whenever it’s needed. Logic Pro X includes a massive collection of instruments, effects, and loops, providing a complete toolkit to create amazing-sounding music. Logic Pro X for Mac has been updated to version 10.3, introducing new features, a refreshed interface, and Touch Bar support, allowing the Touch Bar on the 2016 MacBook Pro to be used for music editing. The Touch Bar features quick access to navigation tools and Smart Controls, plus it can be used for playing and recording instruments using a piano keyboard or drum pads.

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  • Intel Hit Hats MiDi KiT WAV MiDi
    4 April 2020
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    Intel Hit Hats MiDi KiT

    FANTASTiC | 04 April 2020 | 2 MB

    Newest collection of drum midis built by nick mira to save you some time crafting the perfect bounce!

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  • Flux Full Pack AU VST RTAS v2.0 OSX iNTEL-XVX
    22 February 2020
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    Flux Full Packv2.0 OSX iNTEL

    Team: XVX | 04.29.2010 |  57.11 MB

    Full Pack II – The complete set of Flux: plug-ins.

    Alchemist aiming at professional mastering and re-mastering applications, the intricate design of Alchemist suggests a superior workflow and sound perfection within the field of dynamics processing, well adapted for the high demands of today’s pro-audio industry. Alchemist presents the option to operate as a single broadband processor as well as a multiband processor providing up to five individual bands, with the possibility to process up to eight channels simultaneously when inserted on a multi-channel (surround) bus.

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  • Crane Song Phoenix TDM MAC OSX INTEL
    5 March 2019
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    Crane Song Phoenix TDM MAC

    P2P | 26.11.2007 | 7.16 MB

    Phoenix is a suite of five TDM plug-ins, each emulating different tape characteristics. Phoenix is used to create musical, analog sounds within the digital domain and combat “digititus.” It can transform brittle digital sounds into a much more musical and satisfying sound, and can emulate analog tape without having to actually transfer sounds into the analog tape domain.

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  • URS Classic Console Compressors Bundle v1.1 AU VST RTAS TDM MAC OSX INTEL
    30 November 2017
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    URS Classic Console Compressors Bundle v1.1 MAC

    P2P | 30.11.2017 | 84.78 MB


    The URS Classic Console Compressor Bundle is a suite of 3 Classic Console Compressor plug-ins. They feature 48-bit Double Precision Processing and support 192K sampling. While digitally recreating the Classic Console analog Bus Compressor sound, we added modern features and found the compressors to be even more powerful on individual tracks.

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  • Digidesign Reel Tape Suite 8.0.3 TDM AS RTAS MAC OSX INTEL
    23 February 2016
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    Reel Tape Suite 8.0.3 TDM AS RTAS MAC

    P2P | Feb 10, 2011 | 36.3 MB

    Avid brings the unmistakable warmth and punch of analog tape into the digital domain with Reel Tape Suite™. This powerful collection of three plug-ins — Reel Tape™ Saturation, Reel Tape™ Delay, and Reel Tape™ Flanger — is designed to beef up your mixes and add that elusive magnetic vibe to your live sound, without the hassle of actually owning and operating a reel-to-reel tape machine.

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  • Cumulus v1.0 AU VST RTAS MAC OSX iNTEL
    27 November 2015
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    Cumulus v1.0 AU VST RTAS MAC OSX iNTEL

    P2P | 27.11.2015 | 49.57 MB

    Cumulus is a granular sampler which radically transforms sample content by breaking it into tiny slithers of audio called grains and reorganizing them to form new sounds. Cumulus is capable of a wide ranges of timbres: from magesy download evolving atmospheric soundscapes; to organic physical textures. Up to eight Scenes can be created; a Scene corresponding to a particular sample position and set of synthesis parameters. Scenes can be played in realtime via MIDI, or arranged internally using the built-in sequencer.

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