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  • Sampler Anthology 909 MULTiFORMAT-DiSCOVER
    17 September 2020

    Sampler Anthology 909 MULTiFORMAT

    DiSCOVER | 14 MARCH 2015 | 2.35 GB

    …::: WAV, MASCHiNE, MPC, GEiST, KONTAKT :::…

    Sampler Anthology 909 is an extensive sound library that brings the sound of old hardware samplers to the most popular drum machine of all time: the Roland TR909. In this collection we have recorded the drums with some of the most legendary samplers – and each sampler bring a unique coloration to the sound. The library is built on ten different drum kits, that was sampled with ten different samplers. To really capture the essence of each sampler, each kit and sampler were sampled in up to nine variations – with different sample rates and input volume to recreate the sound of old converters crunching up the sound. Do you know how a 909 sounds like when driven hard through an old Akai S1100 sampler? Crunchy…

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    • Geist 2 v2.1.2.10 AAX VSTi x86 x64 WiN-V.R
      3 August 2020
      Categories: AAX, FXpansion, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x64, x86

      Geist 2 v2.1.2.10 WiN

      Team V.R | 04 February 2020 | 14.43 MB

      (Win32/64; AAX*, VSTi)

      Geist2 is a streamlined environment for beat creation and sound sculpting that provides instant inspiration and new ideas for your productions. It combines deep sample manipulation, arrangement and modulation capabilities for an intuitive and fast workflow. Geist2 is designed so that nothing gets in the way of your creativity.

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      • Geist Expanders WiN MAC-V.R
        26 July 2018


        Geist Expanders WiN MAC

        Team V.R | Nov 08 2017 | Part.1: 1.13 GB | Part.2: 9.93 GB

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        • Geist Expander Classic Hip Hop
          23 November 2017


          Geist Expander Classic Hip Hop

          P2P | Mar 4, 2013 | 490 MB

          Classic Hip Hop, a Geist Expander featuring authentic old-skool 80s and 90s hip hop sounds. Created by Mr Hoodie from magesy download The Groove Criminals, the samples include a comprehensive selection of drum hits, hats, percussion, stabs and noise alongside breakbeats and melodic instrument loops. The story behind Classic Hip Hop is a boombap romcom: a rose-tinted first love affair… with shell toes and beats. The samples reflect a purist ethos developed by years of painstaking dedication to the culture. Sounds are sampled through legendary 12-bit samplers for the right amount of grit, while an extensive collection of classic synths and drum machines was also used to create the raw material. Live musicians were recorded to tape, processed through ancient samplers or pressed onto dubplates and sampled back.

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          • Geist Expander 80s Electro and Hip Hop-V.R
            21 November 2017


            80s Electro & Hip Hop

            TEAM V.R | Nov 21 2017 | 42.2 MB

            Geist Expander: 80s Electro & Hip Hop captures the sound of breaking and scratching, featuring samples and loops that channel the electric boogaloo of the 1980s. In the 1980s, the affordability and accessibility of synthesisers, drum machines and samplers helped to develop dance and hip hop music further. Synth stabs and gated snares became the backbone of what was to become electro, providing a groove and atmosphere suited for the club, as well as allowing rappers to create their own original beats to deliver their message. Geist Expander: 80s Electro & Hip Hop packs loops and hits into a concise collection of content that perfectly encapsulates this era.

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            • Geist Expander Synth Percussion-V.R
              21 November 2017


              Geist Expander Synth Percussion

              TEAM V.R | Nov 21 2017 | 13.2 MB

              Geist Expander: Synth Percussion – A unique collection of percussive drum hits to spice up your drum tracks, made exclusively with synthesisers both old and new. Forget conventional and acoustic drums – this Geist Expander focuses purely on the weird and wonderful results that can be achieved when using synthesisers as a sound source for percussion. Geist Expander: Synth Percussion contains hats, kicks, percussion, snares and tom samples generated from magesy download both classic & modern-day synthesisers. Start from magesy download scratch to create and entirely electronic rhythmic section, or add analogue chirps & digital buzzes to your beats to give your tracks an inventive twist.

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              • Geist Expander Japanese Drum Machines-V.R
                21 November 2017


                Geist Expander Japanese Drum Machines

                TEAM V.R | Nov 21 2017 | 11.7 MB

                Geist Expander: Japanese Drum Machines is a collection of hits and loops inspired by the infamous early drum machines of the Japanese music tech giants. There is something unmistakeable about the sound of drum machines produced in Japan during the 1980s – crisp, clean and full of character, each machine was to leave an indelible mark on dance, hip hop, techno, electro, acid and a host of other genres. Their legacy continues today, and we’ve captured the very best of these machines in this Geist Expander – everything you need to leave a bit of history on your productions.

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