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    • FM8 Ethereal Presets
      November 24th, 2020
      Categories: FM8, Presets

      FM8 Ethereal Presets

      FM8 Ethereal Presets

      FANTASTiC | Nov 14 2016 | 370 KB

      If you’re a fan of using Native Instrument’s powerful FM8 synth, then you need to get yourself a copy of FM8: Ethereal Presets. Filled with 120 expertly-designed FM8 presets, you’ll have access to a wealth of stunning FM synthesis sounds at your fingertips.

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      • 13000 Presets for NI FM8
        July 5th, 2020
        Categories: FM8, Presets

        13000 Presets for NI FM8

        13000 Presets for FM8

        P2P |♥ 7 June 2011 | 20.46 MB

        This synthesizer embodies the bright, lively sound of FM synthesis. Innovative features raise FM based synthesis to new levels.

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        • FM8 Machines Presets NFM8
          June 30th, 2020
          Categories: FM8, Presets


          FM8 Machines Presets NFM8

          NFM8 | 19.03.2015 | 34.9 MB

          51 Presets hardcore sensation for the nation Ni FM8.

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          • Electro House for FM8
            April 21st, 2018
            Categories: FM8, Presets


            Electro House for FM8

            P2P | 22 May 2014 | 15.8 MB

            ‘Electro House For FM8’ is a must-have FM8 soundset full of dirty and hard presets. If you are looking for absolutely fresh and different analog-style sounds, this compilation is directed to you. This bank provides you patches made with the use of the Frequency Modulation (FM) programming. ‘Electro House For FM8’ provides you leads you have never heard before. This pack contains sounds modulated with pitch, cutoff, phaser and other great magesy torrent effects you can’t find in other VSTi’s. FM8 is a comprehensive VSTi synthesizer so with this soundset you will have the chance to use amazing basses created with FM Synthesis. This pack is for all the dirty sound lovers!

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            • FM8 Expansive Sequences-MAGNETRiXX
              February 1st, 2018
              Categories: FM8, Presets


              FM8 Expansive Sequences

              TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 24 October 2014 | 5 MB

              Collection pushes FM8 to the limits showing off the never ending modulation and sequence possibilities available from magesy download this beautifully unique synth. Having previously graced our aural palette with Evolving Textures this divine collection of synth presets takes the listener on a sonic adventure covering the most advance collection of sequenced presets on the market today. Covering all aspects of production from magesy download evolving sequenced pads to aggressive arpeggiations, mutated leads lines and everything in between, this stunning collection would suit any producer looking for some epic momentum in their next composition.

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              • FM8 Evolving Textures-MAGNETRiXX
                January 31st, 2018
                Categories: FM8, Presets


                FM8 Evolving Textures Presets

                TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 26 August 2014 | 6 MB

                An incredible and inspirational collection of FM8 synth presets designed by Ithaca Audio. The level of detail and complexity in these sounds is truly stunning and should be in every sound designers and composers sound palette whether it is soundtrack, trailer, ambient, sound design or any electronic genre requiring deep, dark and unique textural sounds. Inside this FM8 presets pack you will find no less than 116 individual patches, each one complete with various effects, morphing and manipulation options and intelligently labelled and tagged for simple installation. Ithaca Audio have really taken FM8 to soaring levels with this presets library, allowing you to focus on making music rather than tweaking parameters until the cows come home!

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                • Techno FM8 Presets
                  January 26th, 2018
                  Categories: FM8, Presets


                  Techno FM8 Presets

                  FANTASTiC | January 25 2018 | 63 MB

                  Our studio nerds have continued to explore the mysterious Native Instruments synths but this month they have moved their attention to the wonderful world of FM8 which was used to produce dark and dirty bass tones, enigmatic drones, rough and raw keys and heavy drums that will add multitude of thunderous frequencies to your productions. Included in the pack are a selection of 63 mind bending presets, 63 audio loops to manipulate and 39 midi files to help inspire your next slamming hook. With the presets there are 20 bass frequencies, 12 drums, 10 sequence loops and 20 synth sounds.

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                  • Vanishing Points: FM8 Minimal Synth Presets MiDi FM8
                    July 4th, 2017
                    Categories: FM8, Patterns MIDI, Presets


                    Vanishing Points: FM8 Minimal Synth Presets

                    P2P | xx.xx.2014 | 264 KB

                    ‘Vanishing Points: FM8 Minimal Synth Presets’ has it all: rumbling Basses, lilting Chord progressions and solid Synths. This is the Minimal preset pack you need whether you’re looking for flights of airborne fancy or a dancefloor workout with a difference. These intricate, precisely programmed FM8 presets are full of the complexity, intrigue and subtlety of bang up-to-date Minimal music. There are Bass and Chord sounds which will prove their worth whether you’re producing for the club or for headphones. FM8’s powerful Modulation Matrix has been used to its full extent to provide you with a myriad of possibilities, all ready to go at your fingertips. ‘Vanishing Points: FM8 Minimal Synth Presets’ is a comprehensive collection of patches which will help your music to stand out. All 50 presets make full use of the the Morph control, meaning that you are in effect getting 200 unique patches.

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