• The Hollywood Edge Busted FX And Most Wanted CDDA-AMPLiFY
    November 10th, 2020
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    The Hollywood Edge Busted FX And Most Wanted CDDA-AMPLiFY

    Busted FX & Most Wanted

    Team AMPLiFY | 27.08.2006 | 1.01 GB

    Busted FX and Most Wanted – a collection of both incredibly hard-to-find sound effects as well as the outrageous sounds of broken or busted items. At the request of sound editors and designers around the world, The Hollywood Edge has introduced a collection of impossible-to-find sound effects in the BUSTED EFFECTS AND MOST WANTED collection. Imagine all of the sound effects you hardly ever hear – mangled cars trying to start, a 747 taking off 10 feet away from magesy download you, broken exhaust fans, large animal traps, earthquake rattles, elephant gunshots, dead batteries, and put them together to make one incredible CD set. Effects and recording experts, Burtis Bills and Mark Ormandy, collected these exclusively offered effects to help editors who used to spend hours manipulating effects – attempting to make good sounds go bad. Now, it’s as easy as selecting the track filled with gross rattles and exhausted motors, bad clocks and short circuits, air conditioner rattles and bad toilet plunges, to complete your next project…

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    • Hollywood Edge Premiere Edition Vol.3 WAV
      November 9th, 2020
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      Hollywood Edge Premiere Edition Vol.3 WAV

      Hollywood Edge Premiere Edition Vol.3

      P2P | 19.11.2016 | 1.66 GB

      The Premiere Edition 3 meets and surpasses expectations for high quality sound effects. A comprehensive addition to Premiere Editions 1 and 2, this effects library will round out even the most complete effects collections. These digital “full spectrum” effects have been captured, edited and mastered by Academy Award winning sound professionals, just like the sounds used in big-budget Hollywood movies. As always, The Hollywood Edge has incorporated their exacting standards for noise reduction and clarity, guaranteeing the finest, most usable effects.

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      • The Edge Edition CDDA-CoBaLT
        December 31st, 2018
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        The Edge Edition CDDA

        Team CoBaLT | 06-12-2003 | 918.96 MB

        “The Edge Edition was my first purchase. I needed to be competitive, and I had to work on a budget. The Edge Edition was a natural choice. When it arrived in my studio I was amazed by over 800 newly created sound effects. Two projects later, the collection was completely paid for! I remember working on a commercial that needed motorcycles, impacts, office sounds, slamming doors, buzzers, and telephones. All of this was carefully mixed into the natural sound of the shoot. The end result got me FOUR more jobs, and I brought the production in under my budget. That was a nice feeling, and it made me look great magesy torrent to the “money people”! Even in some of my music productions, The Edge Edition has found its way into songs.

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        • Century Edge K-55 KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE
          December 19th, 2018
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          Century Edge K-55 KONTAKT

          SYNTHiC4TE | Dec 19 2018 | 443 MB

          Century edge K-55 ‘s electronic cinematic sound board. From futuristic detuned bass to very electronic synth patch and pads.. Contains: 534MB compressed NCW files – 13 NKI patch 24bit crystal clear multi samples instrument with Vintage custom gui interface all patches are looped perfectly to save sample memory

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          • EDGE DnB Sample Pack WAV
            September 14th, 2018
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            EDGE WAV

            FANTASTiC | 13 September 2018 | 433 MB

            Drum & Bass Sample Pack

            EDGE, a massive drum and bass sample library fusing organic sounds with distorted basslines at high speed. Versatile sound palette to spice up your production. EDGE has custom-crafted more than 500 mb of jungle atmospheres, punchy beats, crushing basslines, weird synths and organic percussion loops. This sample pack will provide you with everything that you need to feed your creativity and help you make an outstanding deep tech roller. The included Ableton Live 9.7+ Project of a full track called ‘Edge One’. No third-party plugins needed. In detail you can expect to find 876 individual 24 bit Wav samples containing 225 drum hits, 30 FXs, 51 bass loops, 22 synth loops, 38 Stripped Drum Loops (200 Drum Loops Total), 23 percussive loops and Ableton Live 9.7+ Drum Rack as well as Ableton Live 9.7+ Project File.

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            • Cutting Edge Collection Vol.2 WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER
              April 30th, 2017


              Cutting Edge Collection Vol.2 WAV MiDi

              DiSCOVER | April/29th/2017 | 575 MB

              Cutting Edge Collection Vol 2 focuses on detail, it provides a vast array of percussive hits and foley to add definitive clarity to your productions. It includes unique foley samples, eclectic percussive one shots and an array of high fidelity cymbal hits. We have again added 60 professionally written chord progressions that are tested to work in all genres. Alongside the Cutting Edge midi files that you can pick apart and edit freely, we have incorporated an audio take of the chord sequences to spark inspiration. A high standard of quality and musicianship has been maintained in this volume of our Cutting Edge Series, hoping to always hone in on the specifics on your creative music experience.

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              • Cutting Edge Collection Vol.1 WAV MiDi TUTORiAL-DiSCOVER
                February 25th, 2017


                Cutting Edge Collection Vol.1

                DiSCOVER | 25 FEBRUARY 2017 | 169 MB

                WAV MiDi TUTORiAL

                Cutting Edge Collection Vol 1 provides you with the essential basics to create a tune from magesy download the ground up. Including 100 top quality kick drum samples, 100 top class snares, 100 brilliantly detailed sound FX and 60 complex chord progressions suitable for all genres of music. There is also 4 PDF files including handy tips and ticks for layering samples and getting the most out of these packs. See what the pros had to say about Cutting Edge Collection below.

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                • Hollywood Edge Premiere Edition Vol.1 WAV
                  November 11th, 2016
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                  Hollywood Edge Premiere Edition Vol.1 WAV

                  P2P | 11.11.2016 | 4.62 GB

                  The flagship sound effects collection of The Hollywood Edge is The Premiere Edition. If you are involved with any aspect of post – production, The Premiere Edition is for you. Originally released on 20 CDs, this library represents the best sound effects, designed with the sound artist in mind. Many of The Premiere Edition sound effects run a full four minutes. With these variations of rainstorms and ambient nature sounds, you won’t waste valuable time looping sounds. You’ll also find many variations of the same effect, so your back is never against the wall with only one or two choices. Only the finest, most usable sound effects are meticulously edited and selected for release.

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                  • Hollywood Edge Premiere Edition 2 CD01-10 CDDA-TZ7iSO
                    August 14th, 2016
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                    Hollywood Edge Premiere Edition 2 CDDA

                    Team TZ7iSO | 10.02.2003 | 2.51 GB

                    The Premiere Edition is known throughout the industry as the highest quality sound effects library available. Now the tradition continues, with the Hollywood Edge’s release, The Premiere Edition 2, never before heard, completely original sound effects from magesy download the Hollywood Edge. This collection not only captures the essential quality of each sound, but each selected effect was painstakingly and meticulously edited. The Hollywood Edge has extremely rigid standards for noise reduction and clarity, guaranteeing only the finest most usable effects. This assures you, the user that each effect you choose will be perfect. Some of the finest digital “full spectrum” field recordings sampled by engineers who have worked on many Academy Award winning films appear in this collection.

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