• This is Vietnam MULTiFORMAT-CoBaLT
    June 16th, 2020

    This is Vietnam MULTIFORMAT-CoBaLT

    This is Vietnam MULTiFORMAT

    Team CoBaLT | 12.10.2004 | 454.44 MB


    The unique atmosphere of Vietnam is captured in this new library. Recorded in Ho Chi Minh City, the rich traditional instruments and sounds on this disc are presented in different formats. Asia and Europe come together in this evocative collection from magesy download Vietnam. The historical influence of China, Japan, and France is evident in Vietnam’s culture and music, and captured on this collection. Enjoy an eclectic range of instruments and musical flavors, including Vietnamese spoken word and rap music,as well as traditional instrumental songs and sounds, such as Jews-harp, samisen, xylophone, syakuhachi, the dan bau, and more. A total of 413 files constitute the disc in ACID/WAV/REX2/BATTERY/KONTAKT/MACHFIVE formats. Experience the unique atmosphere of Vietnam in digital audio. This is Vietnam!

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    • Discovery Japan CDDA-CoBaLT
      November 16th, 2015


      Discovery Japan CDDA

      TEAM CoBaLT | 12.28.04 | 221.69 MB

      The long-awaited sampling collection of traditional Japanese instruments, folk songs, and chants has arrived.
      Discovery Japan delivers the true sound and feel of the traditional Japanese musical culture. The instrumentalists and vocalists have been recorded in isolation, not as ensembles, and the sound quality is excellent. Real Japanese folk vocal section includes male and female swoops, glides, and a variety of tonal color and format shifts. The instrumental tracks include two types of shamisen, plus shakuhachi, koto, and more. Many synths have patches with these instrument names, but no synth has captured the soul of these ethnic instruments the way Discovery Japan has. Discovery Japan is the real deal.

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      • Discovery Firm Breakbeat Ammo WAV ACiD REX-EtHnO
        November 1st, 2015
        Categories: ACiD, Audio Samples, REX2, WAV


        Breakbeat Ammo WAV ACiD REX

        Team: EtHnO | Release date: 03.13.2004 | 375 MB

        A close squeeze! Derange heat Hip-Hop just before catching fire. With beating heart,inevitable bursting! This would certainly be worth it as there’s some top-notch material here: fluid and very atmospheric. The non-drum loops are equally useable – if somewhat less frenetic – and show real creative spark in an area that’s seen considerable duplication over the years.

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        • Discovery Firm History of Korg AKAi-DViSO
          September 29th, 2015


          Discovery Firm History of Korg AKAi

          TEAM DViSO | Nov-20-2007 | 150.40 MB

          Discovery brings and arsenal of original Korg Synths, Korg organs, and Korg drum machines with the History of Korg disc.
          You remember, don’t you? All synths used to have no program memory and were monophonic. You don’t? Well, Discovery not only remembers, but we’ve got an arsenal of original Korg Synths, Korg organs and Korg drum machines and a programming staff that knows how to get the best out of them. Included are the CX3, PS-3100/3200, PE-2000, M-500SP, Sigma, Lambda, Trident, VC-10 vocoder, MS-20, Mono/Poly, Poly-Six, Poly-61, Poly-800, DW-8000 and DD1/5, KRP-77, KR-55B, Donca Matic and Stage Man drum machines. History of Korg is available in Audio CD, Kurzweil CD-ROM (History of Analog) and as a Akai CD-ROM. Check out what the review team at Electronic Musician has to say about Discovery’s History of Korg: You can now play those old Korg mono synths polyphonically! Exciting filter and resonance sweeps. The Trident, Lamda and Sigma all have moments of glory. These Trident string samples offer you analog strings at their zenith. Nifty Poly-800 chord samples and gooey synth tones from magesy download both a PolySix and a Poly-61…

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          • Discovery Firm Tuva Khoomei ACiD WAV REX2-CoBaLT
            September 30th, 2014
            Categories: Audio Samples


            Discovery Firm Tuva Khoomei ACiD WAV REX2

            TEAM CoBaLT | 02.04.2006 | 588 MB

            ACiD WAV REX2

            KHOOMEI – A present from magesy download the magnificent ground TUVA From the Asian republic of TUVA, the amazing style of overtone singing has finally been properly captured as a mystical and marvelous sample library, along with the traditional Tuvan stringed instruments ‹Igil› and ‹Doshpuluur›. In the Republic of TUVA, the mountain basin is populated with lakes and rivers. The inspiring landscape is home to the powerful and beautiful voices of ‹Khoomei›. A long-awaited ‹Khoomei› samples have finally arrived, encompassing 154 files in ACID|WAV and REX2 formats. This collection features samples of ‹Khoomei› , male and female throat singers, and two types of stringed instruments: ‹Doshpuluur› and ‹Igil›. All sound files are presented in both 44.1 kHz/16-bit and 96 kHz/24-bit formats.

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