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  • Learn how to Create Great Songs in GarageBand for iPad
    14 September 2017
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    Learn how to Create Great Songs in GarageBand for iPad

    P2P | 14.09.2017 | 236 MB

    MP4 + PDF

    A simple step by step course enabling anyone to write a classic contemporary song using GarageBand for iPad. This songwriting course using GarageBand on the iPad is the ultimate music education resource for students of any age everywhere. Its aim is to build confidence and creativity enabling both children and adults to develop their own skills and ability in using Music Technology and express themselves creatively discovering the joy of composition and writing great songs. It’s also perfect for teachers who might be struggling to embrace technology in their classroom as it’s designed in such a way that allows both teacher and student to follow the course at home or in the classroom. Bringing together flexibility and fun in easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorials, backed up with sound educational content, this course will engage and motivate students and empower teachers to use iPads in a constructive and creative way.

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  • Create your own Brand – For Creatives and Artists TUTORiAL
    9 August 2017
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    Create your own Brand TUTORiAL

    ilfsn | 09.08.2017 | 1.45 GB

    Video + Class Project

    Start Creating your own Professional Brand

    Imagine having your own brand, that will benefit you incredibly much on your creative journey as an artist.  Having a professionally designed and consistent brand can help you build connections as a professional, grow your business, get you more freelancing jobs, and open all kinds of doors to amazing opportunities. Sounds pretty good, right?

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  • How To Create Backing Tracks Using ABLETON LiVE
    1 August 2017
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    How To Create Backing Tracks Using ABLETON LiVE

    ilfsn | 01.08.2017 | 2 Hours | 1.84 GB

    Guide to Building Amazing Backing Tracks For Your Live Concert, Create, setup up, and play along to live backing tracks for your live concert, Have a much bigger, tighter sounding live concert
    Sync video/photo/lighting content along to their live concert. As a full time touring/studio drummer, I have spent 10+ years drumming for artists from magesy download all over the world. I’ve also spent years mixing live bands on tour, and have learned the ins and outs of what makes a great live show. Almost all of the bands and musicians you look up to, play along with backing tracks. Whether it’s that extra synth part that you can’t play, or some extra percussion tracks to fill out the sound, most bands are playing along to tracks. Many of the artists I’ve toured with, play along to backing tracks, and I’ve witnessed firsthand, how important they can be to crafting a great live show.

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  • Create your Master DAW Template in REASON
    3 June 2017
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    Create your Master DAW Template in REASON

    ilfsn | 03.06.2017 | 789 MB

    40 Minute | Project File included

    Create your own Master Template Today – Now is your chance to take action to create your own Master Template in Reason. And not just any template btw, your grand master template. A template to rule them all. A template that you can use for all your future music projects.

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  • Create A Hip Hop Song in Garageband TUTORiAL
    1 June 2017
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    Create A Hip Hop Song in Garageband

    P2P | July 17 2016 | 625 MB

    Learn the basics of how to produce, write, and record a Hip Hop song in Garageband! Garageband Tutorial: Create a Hip Hop Song in Garageband! Do you want to produce your own hip hop tracks, lyrics, and instruments? Have you always wanted to make a hit song, but found that recording and producing it to be difficult and time consuming? Did you open Garageband on your computer only to feel overwhelmed by all the tools and buttons in the software?

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  • Create Compositions With Help Of MIDI FX TUTORiAL
    25 April 2017
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    Create Compositions With Help Of MIDI FX

    ilfsn | April 22, 2017 | 761 MB

    Make music by using the power of MIDI, MIDI FX and understand the basics of songwriting.

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  • Create A Podcast for Free and Submit to iTunes TUTORiAL
    19 April 2017
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    Create A Podcast for Free & Submit to iTunes TUTORiAL

    TEAM COMPRiSED | 2017.03.29 | 256 MB

    Learn how to create a Podcast and Submit it to iTunes. This is a step by step guide on how to do it for Free. Have you ever wanted to be a radio DJ? I know it was something I dreamed of growing up.. Welcome to the world of Podcasting. Online dictionaries have the following definition of podcast : “a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.” which defines it completely. Its a downloadable audio file but its more than that. Its your show. Your audio show. You radio show. Podcasts can be used to get your idea across. Maybe you have something to say. Podcasts can be used to advertise; some make livings from magesy download selling advertising in their popular podcasts.

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  • How to Create Nintendo FX in NI Reaktor TUTORiAL
    27 June 2015
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    How to Create Nintendo FX in NI Reaktor TUTORiAL

    P2P | 27-06-2015 | 110 MB

    In this video I show how to emulate the NES pulse channel, which is responsible for many of the system’s most iconic sounds effects, from magesy download the Galaga-style sounds previewed at the beginning of the video, to the jump and fireball sound effects from magesy download Super Mario Brothers.

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