October 6th, 2020
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    P2P | 08.04.2020 | 1.75 GB

    ASMR 4K is a collection of multisampled Bells, Keys and Pads oriented to Lo-Fi sounds, with tiny closeup noises (ASMR triggers), tonal Atmospheres, ambient synth Phrases, reverbered Metals and Field Recordings. After five years of ever-evolving atmospheres and fields,  its first collection with pure melodic, harmonic instruments. Delicate gritty sounds, slowly evolving tails, solitary, gentle keys and bells, lush pads, organic vinyl-like crackles, layered analog synths, randomly played metals, deep soundscapes, all made with the modern narrative composition demands in mind.

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    • ASMR WAV
      September 27th, 2020
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      ASMR WAV

      JKST | 30.03.2020 | 254 MB

      (Autonomous sensory meridian response)

      This pack explores sounds that can induce Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, better known as ASMR. To achieve this, we recorded our ASMRtist, renowned NYC experimental cellist Vivian Ludford using everyday objects like scissors, candy, and aluminum foil to make sounds into a binaural head. In this pack, you’ll find sounds with the potential to incite spine-tingling goodness with whispers, crackling pop rocks, honing steel, fire, and fruit. In a binaural recording setup, microphones are placed inside a dummy head and strategically positioned to mimic the listening position of a normal human eardrum. This way, it sounds like the samples are coming from magesy download inside your head. For many listeners, the cognitive dissonance that comes with hearing samples from magesy download inside your head can cause the tingly or dissociative feeling that we call ASMR.

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      • Twisted ASMR WAV
        July 9th, 2020
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        Twisted ASMR WAV

        P2P | 10 January 2020 | 682 MB

        Twisted ASMR is a collection of 197 subtly glitched and creatively processed sounds that you will not find anywhere else. We captured an abundance of eclectic found sounds, whispers, instruments and noises and transformed them into living, moving, tingle-inducing creations that will help make your music more immersive and captivating. Expect the unexpected! Here’s a list of some of the sounds and source materials used throughout the production of this unique release: Human whispers, taps, movements, scratches and mouth noises, various textiles and fabrics, elk and deer antlers, glass beads, singing bowls, paperclips, assorted mechanical tools, musical instruments, childhood toys, raindrops, crackling fires, velcro, various forms of plastic, wood and metal. We also used a wide range of effects including ring modulation, tremolo, creative delays, unique filters, spectral processing, time stretching techniques and more.

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