• West African Percussion WAV-DECiBEL
    January 7th, 2021
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    West African Percussion WAV-DECiBEL

    West African Percussion

    Team DECiBEL | 08 Sep 2020 | 169.2 MB


    This is the second of two packs with Wula Drum’s Guinea ensemble, the industry leader in high-quality West African percussion manufacturing. This installment focuses on broader West African rhythms and features the kirin, kongoma, dundun, and djembe. The lead percussionist and art director for Wula, M’Bemba Bangoura drew inspiration from magesy download his time in dance companies for this pack. The ensemble channeled elegant but electrifying energy into its sounds. Although they’d feel right at home in a dance piece, they’re primed for any type of production from magesy download trap to pop to scores and beyond.

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      December 27th, 2020
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      Flare | 27 August 2020 | 432 MB

      THIOL drum. Pronounced as “tchol”, this ancient Senegalese drum is considered to be one of the most ancient drums in Africa. Its special body which is not carved fully through gives it a unique timbre and overtones. In this pack Ben created loops, improvisations, massive hits and oneshots both in a traditional vibe and a modern twist. Enriched with crunchy FX and musical grooves, this pack gives creators of all genres a palette of sounds to enrich their music. Some of the samples were captured in a BIG space, giving a natural reverb and a special character.

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      • African Vocals KONTAKT
        December 15th, 2020
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        African Vocals KONTAKT

        Team 0TH3Rside | 16 August 2020 | 408 MB

        Nguni tribe performers offer wealth of authentic war & love chants, patterns, songs, playable solo instruments and phrase composer tools from magesy download motherland Africa. Africa is where our human story started , where we are rooted. We always wished to create something unique and moving, here we are. We love recording authentic performances from magesy download unheard cultures and voices offering them as they are, as well as transforming them into moving, playable instruments for modern-day producers and composers. You will enjoy discovering playable chants, vocables, phrase composer presets, and much more through an interface designed to help you inspire.

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        • Afro Trap Sessions WAV
          November 15th, 2020
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          Afro Trap Sessions WAV

          Afro Trap Sessions

          HiDERA | 15 November 2020 | 920 MB

          African / 210 Loops / 69 One Shots

          Ismaila Talla aka Iss814 returns for his third pack with Magesy® Sessions. Taking influences from magesy download all over West Africa and blending them with elements of Western trap and hip hop, he creates a world all his own. One marked by emotive, ethereal melodies and bright rhythms. He used Senegalese music instruments like the kora, ngondi, and balafon and played in the traditional tempo, not in the Occidental tempo which is faster usually.

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          • West African Voices WAV-FLARE
            November 1st, 2020
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            West African Voices WAV-FLARE

            West African Voices

            Team FLARE | 30 October 2020 | 417 MB

            Recorded at Laboutique Studios Dakar, Senegalese singers Tidiane Batjily and Marietou Kouyate laid down improvised vocals in the style of Malian traditional folk (of the country Mali), mbalax, and Afrobeat. These vocals are powerfully stunning and mesmerizing. Upon his return to the music industry after a many year break, Tidiane Batjily found himself singing on many rap records. But truly, these male and female vocals showcasing many West African styles could find a home in any type of production from magesy download pop to psych to electronic and beyond.

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            • Sermonic Selections WAV-FLARE
              October 22nd, 2020
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              Sermonic Selections WAV-FLARE

              Sermonic Selections

              Team FLARE | 21 October 2020 | 854 MB

              Sunday service in the African American church tradition can have many structures and programs for the weekly gathering but so many things make that experience special. In fact many times right before the preacher goes before the congregation to speak “special music” from magesy download a soloist or ensemble is requested. “Sermonic Selections,” is a sound pack inspired by this moment in service. We were honored to capture such organic moments from magesy download premiere vocalist and organist, Angie White-Robbins and Troy Chambers, who represent the gospel community authentically having been a part of grammy award winning gospel group “Tye Tribbett and G.A.,” singing and playing renditions of classic hymnals that have been a part of the tradition for over a century. We are excited to offer users access to A-list masterful musicianship in abundance, with over a gig of sounds of varying dynamics to utilize, take advantage of the endless possibilities for creating classic music!

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              • Dakar WAV-DECiBEL
                October 19th, 2020
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                Dakar WAV-DECiBEL

                Dakar WAV

                Team DECiBEL | 20 Apr 2020 | 676.9 MB

                AFRiCAN / 309 LOOPS / 113 ONE SHOTS

                The latest installment in Sessions, Studio La Boutique Dakar, was recorded and produced by Pape Armand Boye at his studio in Ngor, Dakar. East meets west, world traveler Armand brings his experience to the sample pack world. The loops were recorded and produced in various styles ranging from magesy download Afrobeat to Afro-pop and Mbalax. The instrumentation is comprised of kora, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, percussion, electric bass, talking drum, and ukelele. The resulting sounds showcase both Armand’s travels and deep-seated roots in Dakar.

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                • Dark Continent WAV-FANTASTiC
                  October 15th, 2020
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                  Dark Continent WAV-FANTASTiC

                  Dark Continent WAV

                  FANTASTiC | 15 October 2020 | 110 MB

                  36 African percussion loops made with live recorded and sampled percussion. Built, destroyed, mangled, glitched and remade into the future. If Afro-Futurism had a sound, this would be it.

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                  • Mandinka Percussion WAV
                    August 21st, 2020
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                    Mandinka Percussion WAV

                    Mandinka Percussion

                    HiDERA | 21 August 2020 | 198.44 MB

                    This is the first of two packs created in collaboration with the Wula Drum Ensemble of the Wula Drum Company, the industry leader in high-quality West African percussion manufacturing. All of the percussive instruments played were made in Guinea. This pack features the kirin, kongoma, two sizes of the dundun (the sangban and kenkeni), and solo and accompaniment djembe, as well as bass djembe. These instruments were used to build traditional celebratory rhythms from magesy download the Mandinka people, a West African ethnic group within the larger linguistic family of the Mandé peoples. Mandinka communities have been fairly autonomous and self-ruled, being led by a chief and group of elders with an oral society where mythologies, history, and knowledge are verbally transmitted from magesy download one generation to next. Mandinkas continue a long oral history tradition through stories, songs, and proverbs passed down and communicated through music, predominately with drumming and percussion. This pack features stunning rhythms meant for dance, movement, and celebration used during weddings, parties, and social gatherings. We hope you use these sounds to add some joyous energy to your productions.

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                    • NYC Afrobeat Rhythms WAV
                      August 13th, 2020
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                      NYC Afrobeat Rhythms WAV

                      NYC Afrobeat Rhythms

                      Team DECiBEL | 13 Aug 2020 | 513.4MB

                      Afrobeat music combines elements of West African musical styles such as fuji music and highlife with American funk and jazz influences. It typically has a focus on chanted vocals, complex intersecting rhythms, and percussion. For this Originals session, percussionist Charles Ferguson demonstrates the Afrobeat style of drumming with his own twist on it. This pack both celebrates the Nigerian originators of Afrobeat such as Tony Allen and Fela Kuti and tips a hat to third-wave Afrobeat bands that emerged in the such as Antibalas and Ferguson’s group, Zongo Junction. In this pack, you’ll find organic drum loops left to their natural state as well as ones chopped, screwed, and sound designed. A range of BPMs is represented to add Afrobeat spice to slower R&B jams or mixes intended to get feet on the dancefloor. Also included are tons of rhythmic one-shots for flexibility when working your magic.

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