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  • World Guitars WAV
    22 November 2020
    Categories: Audio Samples, WAV


    World Guitars WAV

    FANTASTiC | 17 September 2019 | 681 MB

    World Guitars is a truly original collection of sounds that will add depth and emotion to any track. In this impressive library, you’ll find a mix of styles including Bossa Nova, Jazz, Experimental, traditional South American and Chill Out vibes. These beautiful sounds originate from magesy download an exceptional variety of well-recorded acoustic instruments, including acoustic & electric guitars, Pipa Lutes, Ronrocos & Ukeleles.

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    • Acoustic Guitar Collection Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT DVDR-KRock
      17 November 2020

      Acoustic Guitar Collection Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT DVDR-KRock

      Acoustic Guitar Collection Vol.1

      Team KRock | September 24 2012 | 1.67 GB

      ‘Acoustic Guitar Collection Vol 1’ offers you a masterbuilt Alhambra™ acoustic guitar for your virtual sampler. No matter if you are working on a production in Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz or anything else, the chances are you’ll find use for a great magesy torrent western guitar. Single notes were sampled chromatically with 32 different layers of each note, plus multi-sampled chords as well. Recorded in 96 Khz and 24-Bit resolution, the signal was downsampled to 44.1 KHz/24-Bit. The set includes ready-to-play presets for Halion®, Kontakt®, EXS24® and GigaStudio®.

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      • Hummingbird v1.22 KONTAKT
        7 November 2020
        Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

        Hummingbird v1.22

        Hummingbird v1.22 KONTAKT

        P2P | 7 November 2020 | UPDATE: 52 MB | FULL: 40.44 GB

        Ultra Real-sounding Virtual Acoustic Guitar – The true sound of Gibson® 1963 Hummingbird – includes approx. 80GB, 89,000 samples. Hummingbird enables you to compose and create powerful and natural acoustic guitar tracks that imitate real acoustic guitar playing! Incredible real-time playability – Hummingbird SPI (Super Performance Instrument) With Hummingbird SPI, you can play ultra realistic acoustic guitar performance in real-time. You can access various playing techniques instantly without stopping your performance and create convincing guitar tracks very quickly. Single note, Emulated 2-strings dyad chords (minor 2nd, 2nd, minor 3rd, major 3rd, 4th, flat 5th, 5th, #5th, 6th, 7th, maj7th, octave), Sampled real chords (octave, major, minor, 7th, m7, maj7, add9, sus4, 9th, m7(9), maj7(9), dim7, aug, open / low chords, etc.), Emulated chords (major, minor, 7th, m7, maj7, add9, sus4, 7sus4, 9th, #9, m7(9), maj7(9), dim, dim7,m7-5, aug, open / low chords, etc.), User chords (You can make any chords using User Chord Editor.), Realtime Hammer-on & Pull-off, Realtime Legato Slide, Vibrato, Trill, Picking Tremolo, Mute & picking noise, Gliss down, Natural Harmonics, Percussion, Fret noise, Pick stop noise, Bridge mute noise, Release noise, Position change noise, Special FX, etc..

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        • Moods Blues Soul Jazz Vol.1 AiFF
          26 October 2020
          Categories: AiFF, Audio Samples

          Moods Blues Soul Jazz Vol.1 AiFF

          Moods Blues Soul Jazz Vol.1 AiFF

          FANTASTiC | 28 April 2020 | 247 MB

          Explore an array of superb artists performing live laid-back vibes in trios, duets and solo arrangements that were recorded and mixed at various studios with a host of vintage gear. Instruments include grand pianos, rhodes, whurlitzer, various jazz guitars, bass, flute, saxophone, trumpet, flugelhorn and vibraphone. Each stereo sample was processed and mixed on analog consoles and pre-mastered with LA-2A limiters for that rich vintage tube saturation sound.

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          • Acoustic Guitar 01-31 WAV
            23 October 2020
            Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

            Acoustic Guitar 01-31 WAV

            Acoustic Guitar 01-31

            FANTASTiC | 23 October 2020 | 400 MB

            The library is based on 15 acoustic guitar samples with tempo and key information. Each phrase is usually between 4 and 8 bars long plus a separate end. All phrases are played on the same harmony pattern and can be easily combined with each other. This makes it easy to create a complete song arrangement. The genres range from magesy download pop, rock, chill out to country.

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            • Acoustic Cello Legato v1.4.0 KONTAKT
              21 October 2020
              Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

              Acoustic Cello Legato v1.4.0 KONTAKT

              Acoustic Cello Legato KONTAKT

              P2P | 21 October 2020 | 6.04 GB

              …::: Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato :::… Tina Guo’s distinctly emotive acoustic cello captured as a solo legato patch utilizing a brand new recording and programming technique – introducing Seamless Legato! …::: The Patch :::… First introduced as an addition to our Artist Series: Tina Guo sound design library, the Acoustic Cello Legato patch is now available for individual purchase by popular demand! Featuring a brand new approach to legato programming, dubbed Seamless Legato, Tina’s expressive solo acoustic cello performance was captured at the MGM Scoring Stage.

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              • Electro-Acoustic v1.3.0 KONTAKT
                13 October 2020

                Electro-Acoustic v1.3.0 KONTAKT

                Electro-Acoustic v1.3.0 KONTAKT

                FANTASTiC | 19 November 2019 | 13.8 GB

                Studio Drum Machines

                We wanted to combine classic drum machines ( 15, to be exact ) with the the organic ambience and warmth of studio recorded drums. So, we took a club PA to two different studios, turned it up really loud, and recorded the results: through high-end mics, vintage consoles, valve pre-amps, bass-amps and even acoustic drum shells.

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                • Acoustic Indie Pop MULTiFORMAT
                  6 October 2020
                  Categories: ACiD, AiFF, Audio Samples, REX2, WAV

                  Acoustic Indie Pop MULTiFORMAT

                  Acoustic Indie Pop

                  P2P | 06.10.2020 | Drums Only: 1.45 GB + 234 MB

                  REX: 1.8 GB | AiFF: 2.99 GB | WAV: 3.03 GB

                  This massive 11.3 GB collection (5.8 GB of 24 bit WAV files) is crammed full of Pop, Acoustic, Indie and Country songwriting; and is a showcase of songwriters like Ingrid Michaelson, Ray Lamontagne, Jack Johnson, Rachael Yamagata, John Mayer, Amos Lee, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, John Waite, Cranberries, Kathleen Edwards and so many more. This library is the fresh, new face of today’s songwriting styles and contains 20 kits packed full of melodic hooks, quirky melodies, unpredictable rhythms and textures. Instruments ranging from magesy download ukulele, acoustic guitars, vocals, mandolin, banjo, electric guitars, fiddle, percussion, bass, pianos, drums and so many more allow you to harness this new breed of songwriting that has captured today’s Music Charts,TV, Film, Commercials and Video Games. Whether you’re needing a few rhythms and textures to add dimension to your existing tracks or want that one of a kind melodic hook that can jump start the creative juices, Acoustic Indie Pop will feed your songwriter’s inner fire and spark your raw creative flames.

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                  • Funky Acoustic Guitar ELASTiK
                    12 September 2020
                    Categories: Audio Samples, ELASTiK

                    Funky Acoustic Guitar ELASTiK

                    TALULA | 15.03.2020 | 874 MB

                    Super-Cool Rhythmic Strumming

                    If you think funk is just about strummed Fender Strats and slapped bass, then Funky Acoustic Guitar may make you think again. From the Elastik Instruments Series, this loop collection offers super-cool acoustic guitar performances that deliver funk from magesy download start to finish.

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                    • Throwback Breaks AiFF
                      9 September 2020
                      Categories: AiFF, Audio Samples

                      Throwback Breaks AiFF

                      Throwback Breaks AiFF

                      FANTASTiC | 9 September 2020 | 109 MB

                      Throwback Breaks is an original collection featuring 50 live drum compositions for old school hip-hop fans in search of the latest organic drum breaks on the scene. This playlist features a series of swingin’ interlude grooves that were recorded by professional drummers at various studios equipped with class-A vintage gear. The mixes were brutally crafted with old school engineering techniques using heavy tube compression, tape saturation and roomy spring reverbs for that big crunchy sound found on vintage soul and funk records.

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