• Fongs Rave Sauce For ABLETON LiVE 10
    January 4th, 2021
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    Fongs Rave Sauce For ABL 10

    STRiKE | 07.03.2020 | 4 MB

    …::: MiXiNG PRESETS :::…

    Fong’s Rave Sauce for EDM style sound design instantly. This powerful Ableton Audio Effect Rack features Henry Fong’s Signature processing chain for transforming simple sounds into massive lead synths. The mixing preset features 8 macro controls mapped to the most important knobs in the chain for easy access. Fong’s Rave Sauce is made of 100% Stock Ableton 10 Plugins and compatible with Intro, Standard, and Suite versions of Ableton 10 or newer! Ableton 9 or older is not compatible with this product! Ableton Lite is not compatible with this product!

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    • Puremagnetik P-50 Linear Ableton Live KONTAKT-NoGRP
      December 29th, 2020

      Puremagnetik P-50 Linear Ableton Live KONTAKT-NoGRP

      P-50 Linear Ableton Live KONTAKT

      Team: NoGRP | Date: 05-09-2007 | Size: 271,8 MB + 294,29 MB

      The D-50 is an all-time favorite digital synth that’s still just as popular today as when it first came out in ’87. Once MagesyPro®’s hottest digital synth, it competed against the Yamaha DX7,and was much easier to use. By joining 8-bit PCM samples with “LAS” synth-generated sounds, the D-50 is capable of unique and complex sounds. The PCM samples contained the attack transients, while the rest of the sound came from magesy download the Linear Arithmatic Synth (LAS) section which sounds very analog, with subtractive-style synthesis and low-pass-resonant filters. Puremagnetik has recreated these classic sounds for Kontakt. The P-50 Linear includes customized patches sourced directly from magesy download the original D-50 sound engine.

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      • Alternative RnB TUTORiAL
        December 25th, 2020
        Categories: Tutorials

        Alternative RnB TUTORiAL

        Alternative RnB TUTORiAL

        FANTASTiC | MERRY XMAS | 588 MB

        ..:: Ableton Live Producing ::..

        Studio pro delivers in-depth Ableton Live production video tutorials! See how to make a complete Alternative R&B song in the style of Frank Ocean and The Weekend from magesy download scratch, step-by-step using only Ableton Live. This course is for those who are already familiar with Ableton Live, but want to learn Alternative R&B sound design and production techniques. You also get the samples and presets used in the videos so you can follow along on your studio system. Thomas welcomes you and starts with a play-through of the Alternative R&B track you’ll be making together, and then shows you how to lay the foundation of the track by creating and programming vibey lofi synth chords, and then the drums and percussion parts using classic drum machine sounds and more. Bass guitar is next, and you’ll see how to add a vintage inspired bass guitar to the track, as well as how a parallel processed layer can be used to create a dreamy chorusy bass part, perfect for this genre. More keys are then designed and added, such as a rich Junoesque key sound, classic Rhodes part, Glass Synth keys and even a cool wah-wah guitar sound for that throw back R& B feel.

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        • Sunday Keys Vol.2 ABLETON LiVE ALP
          December 12th, 2020
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          Sunday Keys Vol.2 ABLETON LiVE ALP

          Sunday Keys Vol.2 ALP

          ALP | 12 December 2020| 220.77 MB

          Ableton Live can take your worship keys rig to the next level, but it’s really hard to find good sounds, program the right controls, and get reliable results. With Sunday Keys you can maximize and even go beyond what Ableton Live can do with over 155 custom sampled worship sounds, 35+ ready to play worship patches, an easy to understand visual layout and game-changing features like the built-in Tonic Pad Player and easy patch building. No more wasted hours spent sifting through thousands of stock presets just to find a handful that actually make sense for worship music. No more headaches using intimidating layouts that overwhelm rather than empower you and your volunteers.

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          • Ableton Live: Creating a Track from Scratch TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE
            November 27th, 2020
            Categories: Tutorials


            Ableton Live: Creating a Track TUTORiAL

            SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 29 2019 | 652 MB

            In-depth video series all about creating a track from magesy download scratch with Ableton Live! Shown in version 10 but applicable to other versions and DAWs, see how to make a modern day track starting with just the kick drum, all the way to mastering and exporting the song for all the world to hear. Adam welcomes you and begins with the all-mighty kick drum and includes workflow tips, tuning kicks, shaping its dynamics, and consolidating the part into a loop. Then follow along and see how to craft a complimentary bass sound and part using Ableton’s Wavetable virtual instrument. Sound processing is then shown and you’ll learn the fine art of sidechain compression, using a ‘Sub Oscillator’ to enhance the root note/fundamental of the bass sound, saturate with Overdrive to fill out the higher frequencies of content and much more. Vocal One Shots and Lead Synths are next, and you’ll see exactly how to create these instruments and get creative with them in the production and arrangement. Risers, and working on more parts and instruments are then shown in-detail, with tons of tips and tricks and helpful ideas for making a production that sounds modern and powerful.

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            • Ableton Live Beginners: Guide to Beat Making TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE
              November 26th, 2020
              Categories: Tutorials


              Guide to Beat Making Ableton Live

              SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 29 2019 | 362 MB

              See how to produce your first beat from magesy download scratch, using nothing but Ableton Live, including software installation and understanding Live’s layout, all the way to exporting your finished beat and more. This series is designed for the absolute newcomer to Ableton Live. Thomas first starts with the steps to install Ableton Live on your computer, followed by a detailed overview of Ableton Live’s layout. Next, you’ll see how to set your song’s tempo and how to configure your MIDI controller and audio interface with Live, including basic routing practices. Now on to the fun stuff! Thomas shows you step by step how to add and program your drum sounds to make the backbone of your beat, followed by how to write melodic parts using chords, bass and lead sounds. Then it’s on to arranging your song structure, adding transition effects, mixing your tracks, using automation to fine tune your effects, and exporting your first beat to share with the world, and more!

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              • Ableton Live 10 Suite v10.1.30 MAC
                November 18th, 2020

                Ableton Live 10 Suite v10.1.30 MAC

                Ableton Live v10.1.30 MAC

                iND | 18 Nov 2020 | 2.46 GB

                Create bolder sounds with Live’s new devices. Stay in the flow with a multitude of workflow improvements. Do even more away from magesy download the computer with Push. Build your sound with a curated library. And get the unlimited potential of Max for Live, seamlessly built in.

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                • Djembe Madness WAV ALETON LiVE REFiLL
                  November 17th, 2020

                  Djembe Madness WAV ALETON LiVE REFiLL_1

                  Djembe Madness

                  FANTASTiC | July 03 2016 | 223.18 MB

                  .: WAV, ALETON LiVE, REFiLL :.

                  Djembe Madness is a collection of 60 different Djembe loops recorded at 128 BPM. All loops are quantized so they will perfectly fit along with your “four on the floor” rhythm. Add some exciting new loops to your tracks today: perfect for EDM genres including Big Room, Future House, Deep house, Trance & Progressive and much more! This download comes in 3 formats, standard WAV, REX & Reason Refill (requires Reason 5 or higher) and Ableton Live 9 Pack

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                  • Music Tech Focus – Ableton Live 2016-2017
                    November 16th, 2020
                    Categories: News

                    Music Tech Focus - Ableton Live 2016-2017

                    Music Tech Focus Ableton Live 2016-2017

                    PDF | English | 133 pages | 36.1 MB

                    Welcome to Ableton Live 2016/2017! This is a special issue of MusicTech where we assemble features specifi cally tailored to Ableton’s music production DAW. This time we’ve really pulled out the stops with some of the fi nest studio articles ever: from magesy download 6 Ways To Make Your Studio Look Cool to the Ultimate Guide To Remixing. In between it’s everything Ableton with fi ve more in-depth Live tutorials from magesy download Live guru Martin Delaney, plus a special ‘Lazy Guide’ to creativity in Live, including some fantastic tips on creating variation in a loopy environment. With our Produce A Track From Start To Finishfeatures (starting on p16) there’s very much a Live focus and our special Show Off Your Studio articles (p70 and p88) all feature Live at their software hearts – and in one it’s running in sync with a mountain of hardware.

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