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  • Global Shake v1.0.1 EXPANSiON iSO


    Global Shake v1.0.1 EXPANSiON

    P2P | June 20 2018 | 2.3 GB

    SYNTHiC4TE | May 07 2019 | UPDATE v1.0.1: 4.3 MB


    Celebrating the vitality and excitement of contemporary African music, GLOBAL SHAKE throws off the cliches and blazes a trail across continents to Lisbon, London, New York, and beyond. From the rise of Afro bashment in the UK, to club styles like Afrobeats, gqom, kuduro, kizomba, and Afro house, to the influence on world-conquering artists like Drake and Major Lazer, one thing is clear: Africa is the sound of now. Bursting with infectious melodies, radio-ready vocals, and convention-defying rhythms, GLOBAL SHAKE captures the diverse creativity of contemporary Africa as it overflows onto the international stage.

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  • Super 8 for REAKTOR WiN OSX-DECiBEL
    4 May 2019
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    Super 8 for REAKTOR WiN OSX

    Team DECiBEL | 03 May 2019 | 51.1 MB


    Modern take on vintage polysynth sounds in a fun eight-voice instrument, 350+ presets that spark inspiration fast, Easy-to-use, inspiring interface that drives creative experimentation

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  • Reaktor Full Complete User Library 20-04-2019
    22 April 2019
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    Reaktor Full Complete User Library

    P2P | 20 April 2019 | 2.07 GB

    This is the full complete user library compilation (20-04-2019) that you can find on the NI website.

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  • Indigo Dust Expansion v1.0.0 DVDR-SYNTHiC4TE
    27 February 2019


    Indigo Dust Expansion v1.0.0

    SYNTHiC4TE | Feb 27 2019 | 1.65 GB

    New Indigo Dust Expansion pack in collaboration with Torsten Fassbender, a collection of polished, festival-ready Techno sounds. The expansion includes 47 Battery kits and 37 Maschine kits packed with pitch-perfect drums and percussion, synth presets, samples, and loops full of deep basses, moody chords, and emotive pads. Embody the spirit of deep techno, the sound connecting music-lovers everywhere, from magesy download the desert plains of festivals to the dancefloors of clubs across Europe. Feel the energy of its pulsating rhythms, deep basses, and stirring synth lines. INDIGO DUST gives you all the elements for conjuring epic, early-hours euphoria. Explore the deep chords, pitch-perfect drums, and emotive pads found in INDIGO DUST. Expertly assembled kits for BATTERY and MASCHINE give you immaculately sculpted drums that cut through the mix to deliver thumping rhythms. Swirling arpeggios, organic leads, and sub basses come as presets for MONARK, REAKTOR PRISM, and special, FX-enhanced MASCHINE sample instruments – perfect for creating moody, hypnotic vibes.

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  • Galactic Assistant v1.1.1 WiN MAC
    26 November 2018


    Galactic Assistant v1.1.1 WiN MAC

    P2P | 25.11.2018 | 229.9 MB

    Reaktor / Max4Live

    Galactic Assistant is the first synthesizer software specifically made for creating hi-tech interface sounds. Developed for sound designers and musicians alike, it’s the perfect companion for creating a new sonic universe. Use it to design your own hi-tech interface sounds or create glitch or highlights for your musical project. If you need even more interface sounds, Galactic Assistant is still included for free with our Users of Tomorrow soundpack, which contains over 1,800 different high-tech interface sounds, created by our sound design team using some of the most leading audio tools and software.

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  • Midnight Sunset v1.0.0 EXPANSiON DVDR-DECiBEL
    8 November 2018


    Midnight Sunset v1.0.0 EXPANSiON

    Team DECiBEL | 07 Nov 2018 | 1.18 GB


    Find the groove between R&B, disco, and funk-fuelled early-‘80s boogie sounds from magesy download the era including horns, guitars, bass, synths, and more. 59 BATTERY kits and 50 MASCHINE kits loaded with classic drum machines, acoustic drums, and special melodic elements

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  • KOMPLETE 12 Instruments and Effects macOS
    28 October 2018


    KOMPLETE 12 macOS

    P2P | 27 Oct 2018 | 20.37 GB

    Instruments & Effects

    An excellent collection of tools for any music production task. The widest possible range of ultra-modern means covering the whole cycle of creating and producing music – from magesy download sound design, sound and production to information, mastering and live performance.

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  • TRK-01 v1.1.0 for REAKTOR WiN-V.R
    17 October 2018
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    TRK-01 v1.1.0 for REAKTOR

    Team V.R | 13 June 2018 | 60.49 MB | UPDATE: 59 MB


    Low end forms the foundation of almost all electronic music, so getting great kick and bass from magesy download the start makes all the difference. TRK-01 marries classic mixing techniques with innovative sound design, sequencing, and modulation, so you’re always inspired to write solid and exciting kick-bass combinations. Get your new tracks rolling quicker and sounding bigger than ever before – start with TRK-01.

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